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Headshots, Editorial Photography and Team Shots for Londons newest Barrister Chambers | Case Study

Crucible are one of Londons newest Barristers Chambers. Created in 2020 they very quickly grew an enviable reputation not only in London but across the UK. Their areas of expertise includes financial crime, serious crime, professional discipline and regulatory law. 

As a new chambers, Crucible needed a whole range of photographs to be used for marketing both online and offline to help rapidly grow the reputation of the organisation. We worked in conjunction with their Digital Agency (Kayo Digital) to outline both corporate headshots and a bank of editorial photography for use across all marketing platforms. 

We also created a team photo which actually had to be photographed on separate occasions. Take a look at the end of the post for the separate images and the final team photo.  

Barrister Headshot Photography at Middle Temple

For crucible, we wanted to create headshot photography that immediately had both impact and gravitas. As a new organisation, the images had to convey the level of professionalism and expertise that their barristers have. 

For both the headshot photography and the editorial images, we chose Middle Temple near Holborn as the location. The headshots were taken in the main hall using the amazing wood panelling as the backdrop for the images. 

For the editorial photography, we set up scenarios such as informal meetings, barristers walking to and from court as well as working on laptops to create an entire bank of usable images for any marketing purposes.  

Team photos made up of multiple images.

 We also created one large group shot of the entire organisation. The only issue is that not everyone was available on the same day! Plus, this was during Covid Restrictions where we could only have 6 people together at any time. 

The final Team Photo used on their website is actually a composite of multiple images taken over a few shoots. Thankfully the light was consistent or some of the group would have looked very different.

Headshot Photographer Holborn

Behind the scenes: 

You can see in the behind the scenes image that the background is a long way back from the person being photographed. At this distance, our key (main) light is not powerful enough to light both the subject and the background so we used a second flash to add light to just the background. This obviously had to be balanced so it wasn’t too dark or bright in the image. We of course also took an image of just the background to use for any new joiners to the chambers so we can replicate the look in the studio. 

Headshot Photographer Holborn Behind the Scenes

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