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Business Headshots for your Team

We specialise in photographing high quality corporate headshots for companies large and small that are consistent across entire teams whether you have 1 location or 20. 

Business headshots should match your brand and show the personal side to your what you do.  If you have an existing background style we can match it, or we can create a new one. It’s up to you.

Working quickly and around meetings when necessary, we make sure that all final images are edited to look like you (but on a good day with lots of sleep).

Why choose us to photograph business headshots of your team?

We are dedicated to creating impactful corporate headshots, team images, and in-house stock photography for our professional clients throughout the UK.  

Dedicated Studios

For individuals, new joiners, and updates, we have headshot studios in London, Birmingham and Bristol with amazing backdrops, lighting, and world-class cameras.

Editing included

Every image delivered has been hand-edited by our team to ensure everyone looks their best and represents their brand professionally

Nationwide Coverage

For a frictionless service, we come to you anywhere in the UK and create a unified look throughout your organisation.

We make them easier to organise

If people are unavailable on the day they can come to a session in our studios. We will make sure no-one would ever guess they weren't photographed on the same day.

Business Headshots - Team Pricing

Pricing for corporate headshots can be as little as £18 per person. We can photograph in your offices or people can come to our studios in The City of London, Birmingham or Bristol. We often start by photographing the majority of people in your office and then anyone that is missing or has just joined, can come to our studio. We can create the same look for your business headshots regardless or when or where they were photographed. If you want to use the background of your office as the background thanks to a little bit of photoshop magic we can recreate that too.

For the headshot background we can use either a plain colour, your office or a local park providing the English weather is on our side!! Prices for our team headshots depends on lots of different variables including:

  • How many people would you like us to photograph per day? (We can photograph very quickly if necessary)
  • How many edited images do they need?
  • Is everyone at the same or different locations?
  • Would you like to combine some sessions in our studio with the quote?

Contact us for a no obligation, bespoke quote

Business headshots can cost as little as £18 per person. To receive a no-obligation, bespoke quote for your business headshots please contact us either by clicking the button opposite,  via the online chat (yes it's to a real person),  or by calling 0117 330 0234. 

All team business headshot sessions include:
  • A headshot session at a location of your choice including all travel costs, etc. 
  • An experienced photographer who is great at helping even the most nervous person relax
  • Advice before the session on what to wear and how to prepare so you look your best
  • Flattering lighting and natural posing guidance during the session 
  • Market leading cameras and flash equipment to ensure high quality files for printing and online usage
  • Images available through a private online gallery for you to choose the final retouched images
  • Retouching on all selected images (colour & exposure correction, blemish removal and light skin softening)
  • Full reproduction rights to use the images on and offline
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If you have any questions, you can always call us on 0117 330 0234. We have studios in London, Birmingham and Bristol, as well as onsite across the UK.

Simply fill out our contact form and we will get back to you ASAP.  

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Through the wide range of questions, we receive about our professional headshots and other photoshoots, we have created an in-depth FAQ. Of course, if you have any other questions or want clarification, contact Helen on 07810 004451. 

To book us for your team corporate headshots, you can call Helen on 07810 004451 or email us at

We will work with you to find the best time and date for the shoot. It can be tricky to get everyone together on the same day so we often shoot at end of quarter meetings, kick off's, etc. 

If you are looking to book a studio shoot for an individual. Click the "Book Now' button on our top menu. 

No problem at all. We often create a range of images for clients that include headshot photography, images of the offices, team shots as well as anything else that will help to promote your organisation. 

Yes, of course. We often create full team shots and where possible can create composites where certain members may have been missing on the team shoot day. 

We aim to get your unedited images online and to you as soon as possible. It's typically between 2-3 days but can be a bit quicker depending on workload.

You will get an email with a link to your private gallery and instructions on creating favourite lists and getting your edited headshots. 

Yes, we can. In many of our shoots, we will include ¾ and full body shots if you like. Remember to bring a complete outfit. 

We have a list of great hair and makeup artists. Just email us at, and we will send over the right list for you. 

Hair and Make-up will of course be charged separately. 

For professional headshots, we typically photograph in landscape orientation. These can always be cropped to portrait orientation in post-production. 

We will of course work with you or your design team to ensure the images match their purpose.  

We are often asked to replicate the look of previous photoshoots. If this is onto a single colour background, it can be very straightforward. If we are replacing the background for an environmental look or a location, we may need the original background or at least a high-resolution version of an existing headshot to create a new background. 

Whatever the case, we will work with you to get the images to be consistent with your branding. 

We love to give you a great variety in your professional headshots. The looks and backgrounds change all the time. If you look at our Professional Headshots portfolio, there are many examples there that we can replicate for you. 

Our London headshot studio is in The City of London. We are very close to Aldgate East and only 10 minutes from Liverpool Street

East London Works (WH3.12), 75 Whitechapel Rd, London E1 1DU

Absolutely. You will receive a link to your edited headshots where you can download in both high-resolution and low-resolution. High resolution are great for use in print such as magazines, etc. Low Resolution are the ones to use for online use such as LinkedIn, company websites, etc. Your designer should be able to create files that are the right size for your website or just ask us to resize. 

We will always work with you to help if plans change. We understand that colleagues' diaries are always changing. As long as we have 24 hours' notice, it's not a problem. 

We recommend that for the few days before the session, you live as healthily as possible! Lots of water, lots of sleep, no alcohol, eat lots of fruit and veg, etc.

You would be amazed what a few days of living clean can do. Of course, we can help in the editing should your skin not play ball! 

Yes, every headshot you order is fully retouched to look like you "on a good day". Our retouchers are experts at creating natural-looking edits. 

We aim to get you your fully edited images to you as soon as possible. Unless you have paid to have your edits expressed, your pictures will be edited in the sequence that we receive the orders.

You will typically receive your final edits within five working days of your order.

With all team photoshoots, we will send you an invoice upon booking. This can be paid online or by bank transfer. 

We do ask that invoices be paid before we release the images as they are a digital rather than physical product. 

It can be a challenge to look at images of yourself and choose the best ones. We are more than happy to help you select your best photos. The best thing to do is narrow the selection down to a broader range, and we can certainly help from there. 

When your images are edited, you can download them in a variety of sizes. Full-resolution images are huge and great for printing (6720px on the longest side!!).

You also have the option of downloading web resolution images (1024px on the longest side), which are great for posting online on sites such as Spotlight, Mandy, etc. 

It’s a great idea to back up your final images in a few places. Google Drive, DropBox, etc., are great places to store your images securely. However, if the worst happens, just contact us. We don’t keep the unedited versions but should have your final ones for at least a couple of years after your shoot. 

For corporate photography on location, we can usually work within your timetable. We have a number of highly skilled professional photographers across the country that we utilise. Call us on 07810 004451 and we will be happy to help. 

For studio shoots, we shoot in London, Bristol, and Birmingham on regular days. The best place to check availability is by clicking the “Book Now” button from the menu above and selecting the right location for you.


We know just how difficult it can be to organise everyone to be in the office at the same time for business headshots. That's why lots of our clients send people who are unavailable on a group headshot day to one of our studios. We can replicate the same background as in your office and it saves lots of grey hairs for the person doing the organising.  

We can create a bespoke package that includes both sessions at your location and our studios. Contact us to chat about how it can work

When on location, we work within your timeframes. Typically colleagues are with us between 5 to 10 minutes. This of course depends on their availability (we can get images in 30 seconds) as well as if we are creating numerous looks such as formal and relaxed. 

We can help with the scheduling of the headshot sessions to ensure we get the images needed with minimum disruption. 

If you would like to offer corporate headshots to delegates to your event, show, product release, etc. just get in touch and we can help to put together a package for you. 

Yes, of course, and editing like this is included as standard when you order. This also goes for shine, redness, etc. Essentially anything temporary is removed.

Our editing aim is for the image to look like you “On a good day!”

If there is something specific you would like us to edit, please let us know when you place your order.

In London and Bristol we have regular weekend as well as evening sessions available. Click “Book Now’ from the menu above to see our next dates.

We will get your order edited as soon as possible. Typically, it can be about five working days, depending on how many orders we are working on at any one time. 

A “look” is a particular setup for a headshot. It can be a background style, a change in lighting, or an outfit change (or all three!). During the session, we will aim to get you as many looks as possible to give you a wide range in your corporate headshots. 

Our Bristol studio is based in the heart of Central Bristol. Our address is 18 Park Row, BS1 5LJ.  Tara, the Cocker Spaniel, loves shoot days here as she gets lots of fuss!! (If you are not that keen on dogs, she is quite happy to go to bed). 

Our Birmingham headshot studio is based in the Lampworks in the Jewellery Quarter. Its an amazing space close to the City Centre. 

The address is The Lampworks, 3 Key Hill Dr, Birmingham B18 5NY There is even parking outside! 

We are more than happy to photograph outdoors. It is worth keeping in mind that we have less control over the light and the elements outside (think hair blowing in the wind!). 

Professional headshots should represent you and your brand. If your office is formal then a clean, smart suit may be suitable. If you are from a more contemporary environment then dress accordingly. Do give it some thought as these images may represent you for a few years. 

We recommend natural make up for your headshot shoot. You can always change it throughout the shoot but remember that you should look like you in your headshots (albeit on a good day!). 

If you always wear glasses then of course keep them on for the shoot. We may have to adjust the lights to ensure the lights don't appear in them but this is very quick. You may want to have some headshots with glasses on and some with glasses off. 

99% of people are uncomfortable being photographed. Especially in a business setting. Our aim is to help you relax and possibly even enjoy the shoot! There is no pressure and we will work with you to help you relax and get great professional headshots for you. 

After your shoot, we will put most of the images taken in the session online in unedited format (we only remove blinking and unflattering shots). The gallery is there for you to choose the images that you want to be edited. 

For individuals, you of course get the link to your headshots where you can choose the images you would like editing. It's often best to get a friend to help as it can be tricky choosing images of yourself. 

For company headshots, it may be marketing that chooses for you or they may ask your opinion. Best thing to do is ask the person that arranged the professional photographer and ask them. 

Sorry, we only release edited versions of our work. 

Yes, of course, you can. Use the full resolution files for this. There are some excellent photo printing companies out there (avoid High Street printers such as Snappy Snaps, they will rarely replicate the colours accurately). There is an option for buying professional prints of your final edited headshots in your gallery.