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13 Great Uses for your Corporate Headshots


13 Great Uses for your Corporate Headshots

13 Ideas of What To Do With Your New Professional Portrait

You’ve spent the time to find a great headshot photographer who captured you at your best and you now have a killer professional headshot. So what to do with it now? Your image can appear in so many places, not just on LinkedIn and our company websites. Here is our list of great uses for your corporate headshots


I know it’s the obvious starting point but you would be amazed at how many headshots we take that end up on a company website but not on LinkedIn! If anyone searches your name they will typically find you on LinkedIn even before your own website. Which means it’s worth updating your headshot there first.

Your Company Website

Yes, we are getting the obvious ones out of the way. Do ensure that your new headshot makes it onto your own website. If you have a webmaster, make sure you ask them what proportions they want your headshot in (maybe even before your shoot). You don’t want your new headshot to be squished or stretched! 

Zoom, Slack, Teams, Office 365, etc:

Since the pandemic, so many of us now work through inter-company communications and video calling. Our avatar for these programmes often appears right next to our profile. Update your headshot onto all the applications you use or you may either have a cartoon character, or worse – just your initials!

Business Cards

Yes, people still use them. Especially at networking events, business cards are still swapped at a huge rate (especially as we try and get rid of the 5000 we ordered!). Though having your headshot on your business card may seem a little flashy, it will really help those that meet you to remember who you are. When they look you up on LinkedIn, the matching image on your card and the online profile will ensure they connect!  

Articles, Seminar, Blogposts, Author Profiles

Written something for a trade publication, appeared on a podcast, or spoken at a seminar? Chances are your image will have appeared in the programme and on the website. Send them your new headshot for an updated and professional look. 

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Image Clean Up

Ever googled yourself only to find old and outdated images online? Especially for those associated with your professional life, it’s worth contacting a website and asking if they can swap an old image for your new headshot.

Email Signature

Your email signature should have all your contact information on there, so why not put a face to the name? Especially for new contacts or those you have never met, it’s a great way to develop a new connection.

Social Media (Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook)

For your professional profile, having a unified image across all your platforms will help others find and connect with you. You don’t have to use the same image everywhere but using various images from a single shoot will create a uniform look for yourself.

Prospectuses, Sales Brochures, etc

Especially when working in a consultancy-based role, your sales documents and prospectuses will include your profile. Adding your new headshot will put a face to the name and help to develop or reinforce a connection with a client or prospect.  

Press Releases

Whether you are joining a new organisation, invented the newest widget for your industry, or won the Nobel Peace Prize, chances are there will be a press release about it. Having your image attached and hopefully published will increase engagement with the announcement. 

CV / Resumes

Not everyone includes a headshot with their CV. In certain countries, it’s very popular and much less so in others. Depending on your opinion it’s best to use a professional headshot over a selfie!

Professional Directories

Member of RICS, The Law Society, or the National Register of Personal Trainers? They all have the option for a professional headshot next to your profile. Another great way to promote your personal brand online.

Email Marketing

Are you the face of your company? If you send out regular newsletters to your client base and prospects, adding your image helps generate a personal connection and builds on your brand.

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